Friday, March 30, 2012

One big baby!

So, I'm now 35W & 4 days along...  that means there's right around 4 weeks left of this journey...I can't believe we're getting so close to meeting little Avalyn!  It's crazy to know that something I've wanted for my entire life will be here in a month.  It's going to be the best day of our lives...

I went for an ultrasound yesterday, per Dr. C's request.  With my feet swelling & my blood pressure being weird, she wanted to have one done for added reassurance.  Well, Miss Ava is growing to be a big girl!  She currently weighs in at 6lbs, 12 oz.  I'm figuring with the 4 weeks that are remaining and the 1/2-1lb per week she'll gain, we could potentially have a 10 pounder on our hands!  Lets all hope that this doesn't happen.  I was 8lbs when I was born & J was 7lbs, but he was also a month early.  He could have easily been 10lbs if he'd gone full term. We'll  see what happens, I guess!  It doesn't appear that I'll need to go on bedrest.  Although my feet swelling was causing some concern, I'm doing really well...  I just have fat feet. :)  Hopefully they'll shrink after I deliver (along with a few other body parts).

Here's a picture of Ava's face...I'm pretty sure she has my nose and cheeks :o)

Too bad her eyes aren't visible!  It kind of looks like she has a blanket over them....

J and I are going out on an actual date tonight....  After looking at the calendar for the next few weeks, we realized that we have commitments EVERY weekend until Ava's EDD.  We HAVE to take some time out for ourselves now, because who knows when the next time will be!  It'll be nice to have a yummy meal (steak!) that we don't have to clean up afterwards. 

Tomorrow, I'm treating myself to one last pedicure and I'm spending some time with my mom.  It'll be a nice, peaceful day & I don't have to be on a schedule...can't wait!  Hopefully I can even sleep in.  I don't tend to sleep very late on the weekends, but I'm going to try to force myself to relax until around 9am.  I owe it to myself to savor this time now, while I still can!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a great weekend!  I hope you all are too :) 

Until next time!  :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's been a while!

I've been MIA and I'm sorry..... It seems I'm back to the fun waiting game (it never seems to end).  We wait to get AF, then to O, then to test.  Once we get our BFP, we wait for our first appointment, then the gender scan, then for baby's arrival. 

I'm 34 weeks and 3 days along today.  This coming Monday marks 5 weeks until my due date.  As grateful as I am to have been able to experience this journey, I'm officially OVER IT.  I'm so ready for her to get her here and hold her and love her.  I have cankles (big ones!) and my blood pressure's been if-y.  Dr. C. seems to think there's a good chance I'll have to go on bed rest soon.  I don't want that!  I miss sleeping on my back, & gasping for air when I walk short distances. Ava is literally sucking the life out of me.  But I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.  She's worth every ache, pain, and pound I've gained (40 so far!)

I was given a beautiful shower last month and we got pretty much everything we'll need for a while.  It feels so good knowing that my baby girl will be loved by so many people!  We really are a fortunate family & we are so blessed.  We've got her room all ready, the car seat's been installed,  all we need is our sweet baby girl to fill the space! I can't believe she could potentially be in this world in a month!  J's getting super excited too...he's going to be the best daddy ever.  

I am, however, looking forward to getting my pre-baby (make that pre-wedding) body back.  I want to feel sexy and confident again!  I'm not afraid to admit my vanity on this....but that's the MAIN reason I want to breast feed.  I know, I know.  I should want to do it for all the other reasons (healthier for Ava, better on our grocery bill, yada yada yada).  I like those reasons too, but honestly, it's for me.  I hate feeling like I do (fat & squishy) & I know breastfeeding will get me back to normal more quickly.  If that makes me superficial, then I guess I am, but I'm ok with that for now :) 

Hopefully, I will check in a couple more times before her arrival!!  That's all I've got for now :)