Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lab results:

Negatory :(  Still no period, though. I'm annoyed with my uterus.

Going to the RE in the morning with J.

Here we go again....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's official....

I'm looking for a new Ob-Gyn. I've been debating this for a while, now. This morning's adventure confirmed it for me, however.

Here's the deal with me...  Today is CD 33 for me & possibly 15DPO. I don't normally go this long in my cycles. I'm normally 27-30 days.  I've been taking tests since Friday (11DPO) & they've all been negative. I have an appointment with an RE on Thursday (2 days from now), which could end up costing me around $300. I'm OK with paying that, if I can find answers to why I'm not getting pregnant, but if I already am pregnant, I don't see the point in spending that much if I don't need to. Logical, right?

So, I decided to call my Ob-Gyn (the one who prescribed me clomid) to see if they could just order a blood test to see if I am, in fact, pregnant. Again, seems logical to me!

Here's how that conversation went down:

Me: "Hi! I'm 3 days late for my period, but getting negatives on my HPT's, so I was hoping to get my blood drawn to test my betas."

Nurse (not my favorite person, by the way): "we don't do that here"

Me: "What do you mean you don't do that there?"

Nurse: "You'll have to make a 'confirming appointment'."

Me: "Well, you do realize that I'm considered 'high risk', right? I need to make sure that my numbers are doubling."

Nurse: "well, we typically don't draw blood until 7 weeks"

Me: "Well, I work right above a lab, can't you just call in the order, then I can come in & discuss the results?I can't wait until 7 weeks.  Besides, I would like to know if I am before I go to the RE on Thursday."

Nurse: "Won't they do a blood test there for you?"

Me: "I'm sure they will, but I'm not really wanting to pay $300 for them to tell me and I don't want to waste my time or the doctor's time if it's not necessary."

Nurse: "I'm really sorry, but I will have to talk to the doctor. She's not here today, so it will have to be tomorrow."

Anyways, as you can see, I'm a little bit frustrated. I don't understand why a simple lab test can't be done. My old Gyn that I was seeing when I had my ectopic, ordered lab tests right away. The day I called him & said "I'm late", it was ordered. The new Gyn's office apparently feels that every single woman is exactly the same & should be treated as such, no matter if they're high-risk or not. That's not OK with me.

It's fine for now, because I found a walk-in clinic that will do the test tonight after work. I will still have to meet with the doctor, but at least I don't have to wait until 7 weeks! 

So, I'm officially on the hunt for a new and improved OB-Gyn. One who looks at each patient as a case-by-case situation, because all women are NOT created equal!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Learned my lesson!

So, Lady the Cat was definitely NOT a lady this morning at 5:40am. We keep her in our bathroom at night, so that we can sleep & she can do her cat-like things without disturbing us. Otherwise, she'll keep us up ALL night pouncing on our heads, licking our toes, and pretty much being a pain in our butts. It's cute for about 3 minutes, then we're over it. So, Lady's room at night is our bathroom (don't worry, it's big enough for her to run around in, her litter box, her bed, and her food & water.) She's a pampered kitty.

I normally wake up in the middle of the night at least once to pee. Well, this morning, I did my absolute very best to hold it, but I couldn't take it anymore. So, I got up & went to the hall bathroom, but realized there was NO toilet paper & that the only roll in the whole house was in (surprise!) OUR bathroom. So, I went in there, did my business, & naturally woke precious little Lady from her slumber. When she wakes up, she's full of energy & wants to run & play. I was not in the mood. I glanced at the clock & it said 5:40am. My alarm goes off at 5:45, so I only had 5 more minutes of sleep. I figured I'd just put her on the bed while I hit snooze a couple of times (I'm not a morning person). I had almost dozed back off & thought "wow, she's being really calm & quiet! Good kitty!". Until I rolled over. I slid my foot over a wet spot. Yes, precious little Lady pissed on my bed!!!  How dare she?!?  That's why she was being so quiet! And to think that her litter box was right in front of her ALL night.

So, I jumped up & stripped the bed, and threw everything into the washing machine. Luckily, we have a pad on the bed that has rubber on one side, so our brand new mattress didn't get wet. Also, she's still young enough (8 weeks), that her pee doesn't have that typical "cat pee" smell that's so hard to get rid of. I'm just considering this phase of kittenhood as training for a baby. There will be more pee than I can even imagine then, I'm sure.

Lesson I learned:  Put the kitty in the litter box & make sure she pees before letting her near ANY furniture.

Scratch that....  The REAL lesson here is that one should ALWAYS have toilet paper handy in every bathroom.

I need a nap.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Counting down

Today, I'm on CD 27/9 dpo. I COULD get AF anytime between tomorrow or Monday. I don't feel PMS-y, but who knows. The only possible symptom is my skin's breaking out, but that's 90% of the time during all my cycles. I have the complexion of a 15 year old girl (another topic for another time). My cycles have been so different since taking clomid these past couple of cycles, so I'm just going with the flow (literally! Ha ha) 

Anyway, I'm not going to POAS until Sunday. I can't take seeing another negative. Poor J. I don't think he quite understands how this all works. He asked me last night if I was pregnant (I wanted a glass of wine). I was like- "um, don't you think I'd tell you, if I was? And do you honestly think I'd be drinking?" Silly man.

I'm getting my haircut on Saturday! Just a trim, really, but I LOVE going to the salon & getting pampered. I've been trying to let my hair grow, so I haven't been since December. Needless to say, it's looking pretty rough!  I went brown (i'm pretty sure that's my natural color) back in december, so it's definitely healthier than it has been in a long time. I've been blond my entire life, but I figured if I'm going to try to get preggers, I don't want to have to worry about putting chemicals on my head & damaging a fetus. Plus, it's expensive to maintain blonde!

I'll (hopefully) be back with great news on Monday!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

loving our lady

So far so good with our new kitten!  We decided to name her Lady. J thought Lucky was too masculine & I agree :)  She's is so freakin cute! When we picked her up last Saturday, we took her straight to the vet to get her checked out. She weighed 1.4 lbs!  TINY :)  J is really liking her being around, too, which is great because he's really not a cat person. She loves to cuddle & purr, but she tends to enjoy pouncing on my toes.  I don't really enjoy that, since I'm so ticklish!  I wish she didn't have to grow!  I love the kitten stage.

Anyway, I haven't thought too much about TTC this week, so Lady is to thank for that!  Only 10 more days until I get to POAS, though!  If I'm not pregnant this cycle, it's OK, because we have an appointment with an RE on the 31st, so we will start with a clean slate!  This weekend I have a baby shower to attend with my mom, so that should be fun. I love looking at all the new stuff that's available now. I like to make mental checklists of what I might like to have one day for my baby.

That's pretty much all that's been going on this week! I'll hopefully have more to say next time :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We are getting a new...


She's 6 weeks old & I'm super excited to bring her home. I think we will pick her up on Saturday. She's solid black and has the sweetest little face.  I'm going to let J name her. He's going with either Magic or Lucky. I think it will end up being Lucky.

It was weird how the decision was made to get a cat. Last Thursday night I had a dream that we had a kitten, but I didn't get to tell J about it until Friday evening. He was shocked that I had that dream because he said he was going to surprise me with one. How freaky is that? The one he was going to get me was a stray male & I told him I'd prefer one that was straight from the litter and female. *i guess I'm kind of picky*. So after a few phone calls, we found our kitten!  The person we are getting her from was actually having all of the kittens picked up that same day from a rescue agency.  Yep, I think she's a Lucky cat!  :) 

I am struggling with whether or not we will have her de-clawed, though. I REALLY don't agree with it. I think it's cruel & so painful for them. BUT, we also just got new furniture that I don't want to get ruined. Also, when we have a baby, I don't want to worry about the cat scratching him/her.  They do have these cool things called Soft Claws that seem to be great (and fun, especially the kick-ass glitter ones!). Then I ask myself, will I really be willing to sit down every 6-8 weeks to do the cats nails (and spend the $20)? With a baby? I don't even get my own nails done, so probably not. I guess I have a few months to think it through.

Anyway, I can't wait to bring her home!  :)  It will be so nice to come home to something other than silence. I think J was thinking that maybe having a pet will keep my mind off baby-making & help me with the stress of that. He's so thoughtful and I love him for it :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Just waiting...

This past week hasn't been too eventful. We went to a friend's house on Saturday night for a birthday party, then Sunday I went to a bridal shower for a friend.  Another friend who was at the same shower asked me what's been new in my world. All I could tell her was "Nothing much! Just waiting to ovulate!".  Idiot. Why did I blurt that out to her?!?  She doesn't care about my eggs, uterus, or anything else down there. I guess I'm just so focused on watching the calendar and timing everything just right that it's all I can think about. I seriously need a new hobby.

But yes, now begins three LONG weeks of waiting. First I have to wait to ovulate this week (hopefully will be sometime between wednesday & friday), then I have to wait to test for two more weeks. BORING! It's OK though, because I'm working on ME. I'm trying to get better in the fitness department. I haven't worked out since June of last year (& that was only because I was going to Vegas with the girls). So, I'm out of shape & I hate it. I'm also trying to eat better.  I LOVE anything chocolate & I don't have an off switch for it, so it affects my waistline!! I've gained 15 lbs since I got married nearly 3 years ago. I just want to fit into my jeans without a big muffin top spilling over. Operation Muffin Top begins today!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wise words

Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.
Benjamin Franklin