Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm working on ME :)

After our beach trip, I realized how very uncomfortable I am in my skin.  Now, I know I'm not overweight, but I am at the highest end of my BMI range, so one more point & I would technically be overweight.  Over the past 3 years, since we got married, my weight has slowly climbed to the heaviest I've ever been. And I hate it. My shorts that I wore on my honeymoon look like spandex on me now. I just feel gross.

I have been doing WeightWatchers for a few months, but haven't lost one pound. Granted, I haven't been completely committed, but you'd think I'd lose something!  Instead, I gained 5lbs!  I am now trying the LoseIt app on my phone (it can also be used online) far so good!  I officially started on Monday & so far I'm down about 1-2lbs.  I know that's just water weight & I should only weigh 1x per week, but I couldn't help myself. Anyway, once I start feeling better, I swear I'm going to start exercising too.  I say this all the time, but I'm the queen of excuses. The truth is, I just don't really like it. It's hot as hell here in Atlanta.  I really don't like to sweat...mainly because my face breaks out with nastiness whenever I start a workout regimen. And when I was training out for the 5K I did a few weeks ago, AF came 10 days early!  Clearly, exercise is not good for my body.  I'm just going to stick to watching my diet for a bit.

Anyway, my goal weight loss is 15 lbs. I'm only focusing on 5lbs at a time and I've set my LoseIt account to have me losing about 2lbs per week.  We'll see!  I just want to fit into my cute clothes again. If I stick to just watching my calories, I should be at my goal weight by around August 13th.  If I decide to add exercise to that, it'll be sooner....  I'll try to update my progress each week... 

Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm back!

We had such a relaxing time at the beach!!  It was so nice to just chill with J for once. It seems like when we are home, we are constantly on the go trying to balance our families and friends. Every weekend gets booked up before I can even blink, & before I know it, the month is over.  It was nice to take a time-out for the two of us. Unfortunately, that's the last trip for at least a year (unless we go camping or something extra cheap).  We HAVE to start saving $$$ if we want to bring another human into this world!

I was ready to come home, though. I really missed my Lady!  This was the first time we'd left her for more than 24 hours.  I know, I know, cats are self-sufficient....but she's only 6 months old & I was really worried she'd do something bad, or worse, hurt herself somehow. She did great, though!  She knocked a few things off the fridge (namely the calendar).  My friend here at work said she was just trying to figure out when we were coming home....too funny :)

AF arrived on Thursday....  Happy Birthday to me, right?  Oh well!

Monday, June 20, 2011

2 days to go

Wednesday can't get here soon enough.  I haven't needed a vacation more than I need one now!  I wish it was going to be for a longer stay than 4 nights, but I'll take what I can get for now.

The kitten has been disrupting J's & my sleep for the past week. I somehow wake up every night around 3am, then I toss & turn until 5:45 when I'm supposed to wake up for work. We are so exhausted!  I guess this is good training for our future baby. 

Also, my Jeep is on my nerves.  I bought it from from mom 2 years ago to help her out with her finances. It's only 6 years old & has about 65K miles on it. On paper it seems like its in great shape!  However, in the 2 years I've owned it, I've had to put about 6K of work into it.  The bulk of that was for a new transmission and tires.  The old transmission died just 2 weeks after I made the last payment! How convenient, right?  Well, as of Saturday night, it appears that I'll either need a new starter or a new alternator. GREAT. I would love to sell it & get something else, but we really can't afford another car payment right now.  We have about 4 more years on J's truck payment, so I'd like to wait until then to take on a new payment. Ugh. It's always something.  My mom feels guilty for selling me the car, but I'd rather be the one to deal with these added expenses.  Things are really tight for her & there's no way she could have afforded to pay for the repairs.

AF is on her way, so that's not helping matters much. 

On a positive note....  I get to be here in 2 days:

Friday, June 17, 2011



This morning's test said "not pregnant".  It's still REALLY early, though.  AF isn't due to arrive until Tuesday or Wednesday, so it could still end up saying "pregnant".  Whatever. I'm gonna keep testing until one or the other shows up :)


Monday, June 13, 2011




:). so proud of my ovaries :)

Can't believe it's been 3 years!

Tomorrow, J & celebrate our 3rd anniversary.  We sort of dedicated this past weekend to just us.  It was pretty fun.  We had an actual date on Saturday night.  We went out to eat before heading to a ghost tour.  I was expecting a little more from the ghost tour, but it ended up being more like a history lesson of Roswell, GA. I learned some cool stuff about the cute little town, but I would have been happy to see/feel/hear something ghost-y. Oh well, we had fun anyway :)

Yesterday, we just lounged around the house & went to look at bedroom furniture.  I would like to get something before we get pregnant, because I am sure that we won't be able to afford anything once we have a baby. We couldn't find anything yesterday, so we'll have to keep looking! 

Since tomorrow is our actual anniversary, we are going to the Braves game!  They are playing the Mets (one of J's favorite teams next to the Braves) so it should be a fun evening.  He originally said he wanted to book reservations at some fancy-pants restaurant.  That's a nice thought, but I told him I'd much prefer something low-key.  I'm not a girly girl & I don't really feel like getting all dolled up... a baseball game is definitely more my speed. 

I'm going during my lunch hour to get my progesterone checked...hopefully its a good level & I won't be needing supplements.

One last thing- 9 more days until my ass is in the sand at the beach!  We are going for my birthday (#32) for 5 much-needed days.  I can't wait!!  We have traveled a lot in the past year, for weddings mostly. They've been fun trips, but we haven't done anything that's just for the two of us in two years!  It will be so nice to not have an agenda & we can do what we want on OUR time. This will be the last trip that we take for a while, so I want to make the most of it!  Hopefully, I'll have good news...  I'm taking a HPT this Friday!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


my ovaries had a cheering section, I'd be on the front row! 

I am so proud of them because they are ovulating on their own! With NO meds!  I got a positive OPK last night around 7pm and again this morning at 6am.  That's 2 smiley faces :)  That NEVER happened on clomid.  I think my womb is FINALLY cooperating with the rest of my body. I called Dr. K's office to schedule my 7DPO progesterone test, which will be around Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Hopefully, I won't need any progesterone supplements!!  I hope my body isn't just playing tricks on me and giving me false hope of actually ovulating. It's possible to get a positive on an OPK, but not ovulate. That would be a really mean trick to play!

I'm not as concerned with whether or not we conceive this cycle.  Of course I'd be happy, but I'm just really excited that my body is functioning somewhat normally. I seriously thought that there was no hope for me without help from medication.

And J's poison ivy has gotten under control!  So there's no need for me to worry about getting it down there. Whew!  He had to get a shot in his butt, but he's going to recover quickly.

Friday, June 3, 2011

All things considered...

It's been a good week, all things considered.  The fact that it is a 4-day work week helps a lot.  My momentary depression has been lifted, and I'm back to my old semi-optimistic self! 

On Tuesday, we got Lady spayed. She's recovering, but looks pitiful in her cone:
Poor little thing. She's only got one more day in the dumb thing, then she can be set free...

J & I spent Memorial Day at my mom's working in her yard.  All is good except now he has poison ivy/oak. It's all over his side and he's fairly certain its also on his boys.  This is NOT good for anyone.  I'm supposed to be ovulating this week & I'm too freaked out to bump uglies!!  I've never had poison ivy/oak & I don't think I'm allergic, but I certainly don't want to find out by getting it down there. This might end up being yet another wasted cycle.

And to top it all off, our A/C went out on Wednesday!  Luckily we rent, so we don't have to pay for the repair. Not only is it nearly 100 degrees outside, it's also that hot inside. Its only been 2 nights of misery, though. Hopefully, J can get the repair guy to come today!  If not, the Ritz isn't too far away....