Friday, March 30, 2012

One big baby!

So, I'm now 35W & 4 days along...  that means there's right around 4 weeks left of this journey...I can't believe we're getting so close to meeting little Avalyn!  It's crazy to know that something I've wanted for my entire life will be here in a month.  It's going to be the best day of our lives...

I went for an ultrasound yesterday, per Dr. C's request.  With my feet swelling & my blood pressure being weird, she wanted to have one done for added reassurance.  Well, Miss Ava is growing to be a big girl!  She currently weighs in at 6lbs, 12 oz.  I'm figuring with the 4 weeks that are remaining and the 1/2-1lb per week she'll gain, we could potentially have a 10 pounder on our hands!  Lets all hope that this doesn't happen.  I was 8lbs when I was born & J was 7lbs, but he was also a month early.  He could have easily been 10lbs if he'd gone full term. We'll  see what happens, I guess!  It doesn't appear that I'll need to go on bedrest.  Although my feet swelling was causing some concern, I'm doing really well...  I just have fat feet. :)  Hopefully they'll shrink after I deliver (along with a few other body parts).

Here's a picture of Ava's face...I'm pretty sure she has my nose and cheeks :o)

Too bad her eyes aren't visible!  It kind of looks like she has a blanket over them....

J and I are going out on an actual date tonight....  After looking at the calendar for the next few weeks, we realized that we have commitments EVERY weekend until Ava's EDD.  We HAVE to take some time out for ourselves now, because who knows when the next time will be!  It'll be nice to have a yummy meal (steak!) that we don't have to clean up afterwards. 

Tomorrow, I'm treating myself to one last pedicure and I'm spending some time with my mom.  It'll be a nice, peaceful day & I don't have to be on a schedule...can't wait!  Hopefully I can even sleep in.  I don't tend to sleep very late on the weekends, but I'm going to try to force myself to relax until around 9am.  I owe it to myself to savor this time now, while I still can!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a great weekend!  I hope you all are too :) 

Until next time!  :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's been a while!

I've been MIA and I'm sorry..... It seems I'm back to the fun waiting game (it never seems to end).  We wait to get AF, then to O, then to test.  Once we get our BFP, we wait for our first appointment, then the gender scan, then for baby's arrival. 

I'm 34 weeks and 3 days along today.  This coming Monday marks 5 weeks until my due date.  As grateful as I am to have been able to experience this journey, I'm officially OVER IT.  I'm so ready for her to get her here and hold her and love her.  I have cankles (big ones!) and my blood pressure's been if-y.  Dr. C. seems to think there's a good chance I'll have to go on bed rest soon.  I don't want that!  I miss sleeping on my back, & gasping for air when I walk short distances. Ava is literally sucking the life out of me.  But I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.  She's worth every ache, pain, and pound I've gained (40 so far!)

I was given a beautiful shower last month and we got pretty much everything we'll need for a while.  It feels so good knowing that my baby girl will be loved by so many people!  We really are a fortunate family & we are so blessed.  We've got her room all ready, the car seat's been installed,  all we need is our sweet baby girl to fill the space! I can't believe she could potentially be in this world in a month!  J's getting super excited too...he's going to be the best daddy ever.  

I am, however, looking forward to getting my pre-baby (make that pre-wedding) body back.  I want to feel sexy and confident again!  I'm not afraid to admit my vanity on this....but that's the MAIN reason I want to breast feed.  I know, I know.  I should want to do it for all the other reasons (healthier for Ava, better on our grocery bill, yada yada yada).  I like those reasons too, but honestly, it's for me.  I hate feeling like I do (fat & squishy) & I know breastfeeding will get me back to normal more quickly.  If that makes me superficial, then I guess I am, but I'm ok with that for now :) 

Hopefully, I will check in a couple more times before her arrival!!  That's all I've got for now :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

We moved!

Yep!  We FINALLY closed on our dream home...We've been so busy over the past 3 weeks or so, that I haven't had time to give an update, so here I am!

Let me just say....I'm NEVER moving again.  EVER.  Especially when I'm pregnant. I feel like I've been working 2 jobs for the past couple of weeks. I come to work, then go home & work for 3-4 hours at the house.  It's exhausting!  Dr. C tells me I'm supposed to "take it easy" & I know she's right, but I can't stand living in clutter. I want everything done before Ava arrives (in 10 weeks!) 

My ankles have been swelling (not an attractive look, people!)  Cankles suck. Because of the swelling, Dr. C had me do another ultrasound to make sure Ava was doing OK & she's better than OK!  She weighs 3.2 lbs & she even has some hair on her head (I'm not surprised by this, because J & I happen to be the hairiest people I know) So, I just have to keep my feet up as much as possible (not easy when I have a desk job) and I have to watch my sodium intake, which means really boring food.  I haven't been following either of these rules & I'm sure I'll regret that soon...It's really hard to eat right when you're on the go all the time. 

My baby shower is a week from tomorrow (at my new house!)...I can't wait to see everyone!  Unfortunately, I had to invite Crazy. Because of her being there, I've requested that absolutely no alcohol be present.  How sad is that?  Not that people would expect to drink at a baby shower, but I know sometimes Mimosa's are offered.  I just refuse to contribute to her obnoxiousness.  I really can't stand her. She's an awful, awful person.  More on her later, though....

They've moved my due date to April 30th...which means I'll be 30 weeks this Monday.  I have a feeling that I'm not making it to the full 40 weeks.  I'm HUGE!  I think she'll probably come a couple of weeks early, which is perfectly fine with me!  We're still working on getting her nursery ready & I can't wait for it all to be complete.  J's going to do a mural on one of her walls (butterflies to honor his mom).  It's going to be beautiful!  I'm also going to make her bedding.  I'm not wanting to use a bumper in the crib, so I was having a really hard time finding a bedding set that I liked. I found a really cute pattern which I'm going to use for her bed skirt & window treatments.  I think we'll be putting her crib together this weekend.  I can't wait to start seeing it all come together. 

Happy Friday Everyone!

Friday, January 20, 2012

25 weeks, so...

This means there's only 15 weeks left!  I'm wondering if I'll go early or if I'll go over my due date. I've heard that 1st timers tend to go over, but we'll see.  I don't want to be induced unless it means Ava's safety.  I'd prefer to let nature/God decide when she gets here.  Here's my birth plan:  enema (if there's time, PLEASE!), epidural (if there's time), and a Jimmy John's spicy italian sub- I've been craving this for so long & I can't wait to sink my teeth into it!  I'm easy!  People who make "birth plans" bug me.  I mean honestly, the dr.'s know A LOT more about giving birth than I do & I trust that they'll do what's best for me and my baby. I'm not going to freak if something has to change at the last minute (like a c-section) or something. I'll just have go with whatever gets thrown my way.

I had the worst dream ever last night....
For some reason I was put to sleep to give birth to Ava & when I woke up, I was at my mom's on her couch.  I asked her where Ava was & she pointed to the other room.  When I went in there, Ava was in my dog's big crate sleeping.  I woke her up & she turned to look at me & smiled.  But she had a mouth full of big white teeth!  Then I picked her up, so I could get a better look at her & she had little tiny arms (like on a T-rex) with two fingers in each spot where there would normally be one finger (so 20 fingers in all!).  And she had 7 toes on one foot & 8 on the other. I started sobbing & asking why the doctors never told me she'd look like this.  All the women in my family were there & kept telling me how perfect she was.  I was scared, angry, and sad.  But I kept telling Ava that I loved her no matter what....

So weird!  When I go to see Dr. C next week, I'm demanding an ultrasound so I can count all of her digits.

Some great news is that we got the house!  We close next Friday (the 27th) at 4pm. We can't wait to get out of the rental...  I'm so ready to start painting Ava's room & the rest of the house. Since J's such a great artist, I'm giving him *most* of the creative control on her room.  He's going to do a mural for her walls. I'll pick the color scheme, of course.  It'll definitely be soft, soothing colors because I don't want too much stimuli in there.  Anyway, it'll be so great to have something that we can grow into together for many years to come. 

On a negative note- my father-in-law is an a-hole. I haven't talk about it here yet, but it's time. Since my mother-in-law passed away (not even 6 months ago!), my father-in-law (i'll call him "T") has met a woman (we'll call her "Crazy") and announced his ENGAGEMENT to the family last weekend.  T has not only moved on faster than I could change my underwear, he's completely ignored his kids cries for comfort and frustration of the loss of their mother (his WIFE of 40 years). He has told my sister-in-law to "F off", because she was curious about where her mother's jewelery is.  Crazy drinks too much and basically lives in la-la land. And she wears fur coats. She's obnoxious and has no idea how her presence makes everyone feel. She acts like we're all accepting of her and T and like my mother-in-law never even existed. I can't stand her & I'm pretty sure she's aware of that fact. I don't care. 

They're both selfish & I'm kind of at the point that I don't want either of them around Ava. Mostly because every time we're with them, they're drunk (it's super classy). And the fact that T talked to his own daughter like she's a piece of garbage. If he treats her that way, what's stopping him from treating Ava like that? I've lost all respect for T and it hurts.  Mostly because for 5 years, I looked at him like he was my dad too.  Once J's mom died, though, his true colors came shining through.  Everything I thought he was has gone away. I have nothing to say to either of sucks for J too. Not only has he lost his mom, he's now feeling like he's lost his dad.  No child should ever feel that way.

The only positive thing from all of this is that J has learned what NOT to do as a father. He's going to be an amazing dad.... 

Friday, January 13, 2012

24 weeks

Just an updated survey...  Sorry, I don't have anything more interesting!

How far along are you? 24 weeks today (according to my pregnancy ticker). That means there’s only 16 weeks left!

How big is Baby? About the size of a corn cob (8.5 inches long). That’s what my “What to Expect” app says, anyway

Weight Gain? About 17 lbs, total. Dr. C says that’s a perfect range, so that’s good!

 Gender? Baby girl J

Maternity Clothes? Definitely

Stretch Marks? None (yet)…I have a feeling they’ll pop up near my delivery date, though.  

Sleep? Some good nights & some bad

Symptoms? None!  Just a big ol’ belly J

Movement? She’s a little dancer in there…she loves when her daddy talks to her, too.  She’s shows off for him!

Food Cravings? Cereal. I eat a bowl every night before bed.  My favorite kind, right now, is plain corn flakes with chocolate syrup drizzled on top. Yummy!

Labor Signs? Of course not

Belly Button in or out? More like flat…

What I miss? My clothes fitting, my waistline, not worrying about everything under the sun…

What I am looking forward to? Meeting our angel. I can’t wait to see what she looks like!

Best moment of the week? Unfortunately, nothing really all that significant has happened this week…

Friday, January 6, 2012

23 weeks....

and I'm feeling like a beached whale. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like by the end of these 40 weeks. I've gained 17 lbs (give or take) and my doctor seems pleased with that number, but it kind of freaks me out a little. 

Anyway, I've been feeling pretty good and Ava's getting to be more & more active every day.  J's only felt her move a little bit, but she loves kicking me when I lay down on my back.  The other day, I was curled up on the couch taking a nap and she kicked me so hard that I woke up thinking someone hit me in the gut! 

Here's my belly (sorry it's been so long!):
It's so weird to know that there's a little baby chillin' in that gut.  I love her so much already & we can't wait to meet her!  I've bought her crib (thanks to my mom giving us some $$ for Christmas to go towards her crib) and the glider for her room.  Also, my aunt gave me a crib mattress (it's 10 years old) but it seems to be in great shape, so I'll try it. She had it for her grandson, but he only slept on it a few times.  Luckily, they aren't that expensive, so if it doesn't work out, I can always go and get a new one. We got a ton of clothes already for her, so I know she won't be hurting in that area.  Diapers and formula are a different story, though....  I'm planning on *attempting* to breast feed, but I'm not banking on it.  I'm going to try to save up lots of $$ to help pay for formula in case we end up needing it.

I'm pretty sure we got the house we've been wanting!  We are just waiting on the actual loan to get approved....we've got 1 week until it's all supposed to be finalized. If it goes through, we'll close on Feb. 3rd (J's B-day!).  I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying a lot of prayers that this works out for us.  The waiting and wondering is making me cranky, though.  I'm sure I'll know something by next week, so I'll update more then!