Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's official!

After anxiously waiting for the 20 week ultrasound, we found out last Thursday that we are having a......


We are super duper excited and we can't wait to meet our little angel....  Avalyn Morgan will be here around April 30th....  We chose this name for many reasons, all of which hold some sort of symbolism in our hearts....

See, if we had a boy J always said he wanted to name him "Eagle"....that wasn't going to work for me-EVER.  So, as a way to compromise, I started researching names that meant eagle, without actually having to say it....  that's where Ava comes in.  Apparently, Ava means eagle in Greek mythology.  The "Lyn" part of her name comes from J's mom, Linda. It's obvious why we chose this.  Morgan was my dad's middle name, and I wanted to remember him.  So there it is.....but I think we'll just call her simply Ava. Love it :)

These past few days have been hell!!!  After the big reveal on Thursday, I said to everyone how easy this pregnancy has been and I couldn't wait to see how easy giving birth was going to be.  Then, God played a funny trick on me. After a quick trip to the ER on Saturday morning, it turned out that I had a kidney stone!  Well, wouldn't you know it, pregnant women can't be treated for kidney stones.  They have to pass on their own!!!  Let me just say, if I can survive that kind of pain, childbirth really will be a breeze. I wouldn't wish that kind of pain on my worst enemy.  Thank God it finally passed last night!  It was about the size of a 1k diamond ring!!!  OUCH.

On a positive note, we think we've bought ourselves a home...I don't want to jinx it just yet.  After several counter offers between ourselves and the sellers, we've come to an agreement.  I'm not getting to excited yet, though.  J is meeting with the inspector today, so once we pass that, then I'll jump for joy and start packing.  I really hope everything turns out ok, because I was really struggling with not being able to experience the whole nesting aspect of decorating Ava's nursery.  With us being in the rental we're in now, I wasn't allowing myself to get excited over baby I think (hope) that we get to experience that!

I'll know more this afternoon about the inspection and hopefully will be able to return here with great news.!


  1. Congratulations on the fabulous news! I have my first (and only!) ultrasound tomorrow morning. But, they won't tell you the gender here, so unfortunately I'm not in luck to find out! Boo!

    Glad to hear all is well and that you survived the kidney stone passing (hubs gets them and I know they are BRUTAL!).