Friday, February 17, 2012

We moved!

Yep!  We FINALLY closed on our dream home...We've been so busy over the past 3 weeks or so, that I haven't had time to give an update, so here I am!

Let me just say....I'm NEVER moving again.  EVER.  Especially when I'm pregnant. I feel like I've been working 2 jobs for the past couple of weeks. I come to work, then go home & work for 3-4 hours at the house.  It's exhausting!  Dr. C tells me I'm supposed to "take it easy" & I know she's right, but I can't stand living in clutter. I want everything done before Ava arrives (in 10 weeks!) 

My ankles have been swelling (not an attractive look, people!)  Cankles suck. Because of the swelling, Dr. C had me do another ultrasound to make sure Ava was doing OK & she's better than OK!  She weighs 3.2 lbs & she even has some hair on her head (I'm not surprised by this, because J & I happen to be the hairiest people I know) So, I just have to keep my feet up as much as possible (not easy when I have a desk job) and I have to watch my sodium intake, which means really boring food.  I haven't been following either of these rules & I'm sure I'll regret that soon...It's really hard to eat right when you're on the go all the time. 

My baby shower is a week from tomorrow (at my new house!)...I can't wait to see everyone!  Unfortunately, I had to invite Crazy. Because of her being there, I've requested that absolutely no alcohol be present.  How sad is that?  Not that people would expect to drink at a baby shower, but I know sometimes Mimosa's are offered.  I just refuse to contribute to her obnoxiousness.  I really can't stand her. She's an awful, awful person.  More on her later, though....

They've moved my due date to April 30th...which means I'll be 30 weeks this Monday.  I have a feeling that I'm not making it to the full 40 weeks.  I'm HUGE!  I think she'll probably come a couple of weeks early, which is perfectly fine with me!  We're still working on getting her nursery ready & I can't wait for it all to be complete.  J's going to do a mural on one of her walls (butterflies to honor his mom).  It's going to be beautiful!  I'm also going to make her bedding.  I'm not wanting to use a bumper in the crib, so I was having a really hard time finding a bedding set that I liked. I found a really cute pattern which I'm going to use for her bed skirt & window treatments.  I think we'll be putting her crib together this weekend.  I can't wait to start seeing it all come together. 

Happy Friday Everyone!

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